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Welcome to United Pool Management! A lot has developed since 1979 when we first began our professional pool management venture. Over the course of the past couple of decades, we have expanded to lead as one of the oldest and largest pool management companies in the USA. We maintain consistent upgrades with modern technology, communication equipment, and management tools to serve the most vital and important ingredient in our company's success, YOU! As you will discover, United Pools' TEAM members, from senior staff to our front line, receive the most comprehensive training and continuing education available in this market to provide you with the ultimate United Pools swimming experience.

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At United Pools we pride ourselves on quality and attention to detail and are positive you will see excellence in the work we perform for you. Our experienced TEAM has been in the business since 1979 and maintain our commitment to our missions statement, "we serve people out of relationships and as a TEAM we are dedicated to building them". Because of this, we have had success and growth not only designing, building, and managing pools, but also providing consulting services necessary for professional aquatic facilities. Our top-notch management and our training is what sets us apart from other aquatic management companies. Our commitment is to "always getting it right no matter what it takes." Please contact us to add your pool to the growing list of facilities and waterparks we manage. United Pools is ready to serve you!

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United Pools has a very professional staff who are responsive to your needs. They have done a good job here at our city Aquatics Center keeping out pools safe as well as keeping them clean.
C. Rhodes - Program Coordinator - Peachtree City, GA
Municipal Customer
I've really enjoyed working with everyone over the past three years as a lifeguard. It was easy to get in contact with the office to address any questions I had. The biweekly TEAM meetings were presented really well and made me feel like part of a large TEAM and that the upper management cares about you.
Brittany D. - United TEAM Member since 2012
Every company we have worked with in the past seems to have very little structure for the lifeguards and cleaners. Our old pool company lifeguards used to talk on their cell phones and have their friends over at our pool. Since we have switched to United Pools, you can see the difference. I feel safe letting my children swim on their own because i know Melissa and Jason will be there for them. You can really see their management structure working for our community.
Jenny F. - Barrett Lakes Park HOA
I have been working for United Pools for 4 years every summer. I love the people I work with and love the people I serve. The management TEAM really ensures that their mission statement flows through everyone in the company. Its not just a relationship with the customers they are concerned about, they also make an effort to create relationships with us, the front line TEAM.
Jeff M. - United TEAM Member since 2010
Area Supervisor
Ever since we hired United Pools to maintain the pools in our neighborhood, as the pool chair, I have never had to worry about if they came and what they did. I, along with other members on the board, receive an email every time a technician is on site. The information provided is relevant and lets us know what is going on at the facility without having to be there. It also helps us get information out to our members quicker because we have the information right in our inbox.
Mike T. - Turnberry HOA
United pools hires the best and friendliest lifeguards! I look forward to working with them every season. I take pride in my job with united because not everyone who applies makes the cut. I also love that we get to wear Nike Swim apparel as we get lots of compliments on our professional appearance.
Teresa D. - United TEAM Member since 2013