Pool Management in Kennesaw

If you're looking to contribute to the local area with a swimming pool business, then we're right behind you! We believe a pool can do a great deal for any area by offering a place for people to work out and stay healthy, to meet other locals and a spot to cool off and unwind. Pools are perfect for kids parties, for lessons and more.

About Kennesaw

Kennesaw is a local town where you can make a great difference to the community. This is a small area with a relatively small population but it's also well known for its friendly residents and a great vibe. It was established in 1887 but has become popular thanks to its affordable housing, great schools and lots of amenities in the city. Think 'small town charm meets big city convenience'. It's only 35 miles from the Atlanta airport. It's a perfect place to set up a business and a brilliant community to be a part of.

About Pool Management

But there's just one problem: running a pool is hard work and it can be risky from a financial and legal standpoint unless you know what you're doing.

There are significant health and safety issues here for instance. You need to have a highly trained staff on hand at all times to prevent and deal with emergencies. You also need to ensure your pool is chlorinated and clean all year round.

Also, you need to do all this while also running a great business that will provide the service your patrons require!

About United Pools

That's exactly what we do at United Pools. We streamline the process of keeping your pools clean and of dealing with visitors every day. We do this by providing a full team of staff for handling the daily dealings of your business for you. This including customer service, management, taking lessons, cleaning and maintenance, lifeguards and more.

We do all this while sticking to the highest industry standards. All of our lifeguards are fully licensed and certified and receive regular training and auditing to make sure they are sharp and ready for all events. All of our professionals are experienced and friendly and you will be proud to let them represent your business.

We take what we do seriously and we treat your business as though it were our very own. You'll be firmly in the driver's seat but you'll have a dedicated and highly qualified team to handle the daily running. Get in touch to learn more.

Kennesaw Pool ManagementKennesaw Pool Management
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